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Real Estate Success...?
I used to run a restaurant. I worked 60-90 hours per week. I produced top of industry results. And my BEST year, I almost made $50,000. 

One day, I was laying on my bed after a 14-hour shift, talking to my dad on the phone. I was FED UP! He said, "Why don't you pursue real estate?" After all, that was how he built his wealth. He said, "95% of the world's wealth is made or maintained in real estate."
I was GOOD at managing a restaurant. I could TRUST that paycheck. It paid my bills, I had extra left over, I could count on it, I wrote the schedule, there were too many benefits to just walk away! Besides, my crew counted on me! I couldn't just leave... could I?  

Shortly after that phone call, I chose to take a leap of faith and moved to California to learn how to manage my dad's portfolio. He took me to seminars all over America to "learn from the best." He reasoned that the experts could teach me faster than he could. We attended seminars about personal growth, business growth, land trusts, legal documents, rehabbing, setting up a rehab machine, wholesaling, business entities, how to buy real estate, and many, many others.   

While all of these seminars have proven VERY valuable over the years, at the time, they were expensive and didn't help me actually get started.   

I spent years working with others to learn this business. Even after spending so much time and money on how to invest in real estate. I walked away with motivation, inspiration, and no clue how to actually start.   

Sounds like a really rough story, right? Trust me, I don't want you to feel bad about my slow start and difficult path now. With a little help to get going in the right direction and some interesting pitfalls along the way, I got where I wanted to go. To date, I have been part of the purchase, rehab, and sale of over 1,000 houses (most in Los Angeles County, one seriously crazy market!). And it has given me everything I need to be writing to you today! 

Armed with our experience and belief, my dad and I moved to a brand new market and “home” for me, Colorado Springs.

• We wanted to know if we could redesign what we had built in LA in another completely different market.

• We wanted to know if we could do it starting from nothing. No team. No software. No relationships.

• We wanted to know if we could replicate our carefully built, VERY expensive systems without the hours and dollars we poured into them before.  

• We wanted to build our shiny new rehab company FASTER, CHEAPER, and MORE PROFITABLE than we’d ever experienced!

The next challenge we gave ourselves was to make sure our new team had NO real estate background. Total newbies!

Ambitious, right? But it paid off.

I dug up a couple of phone numbers from my restaurant days that I’d been saving for just such an occasion. Former colleagues that I knew needed something MORE from life and had the drive to go after it. They just needed an opportunity. After convincing them I wasn’t absolutely crazy, they signed on, and my dad and I put all of those combined years of experience into making them our new team and giving them that opportunity!  

Even we were unprepared for how we’d shatter our expectations. Our newly built systems and newly trained team were so effective that we completed over $2,500,000 in sales our first year in business!

We spent a grand total of $3,800 out-of-pocket before our rehab company was fully self-sustainable and we have turned that investment into over $1,500,000 in PURE PROFIT in less than three years!  

But more importantly for me, I had a “secret” goal.

Ready for it?

I wanted to see if I could create the systems and team in such a way that ANYONE could follow right in my footsteps and do the SAME THING. And they’d know EXACTLY how to start. I wanted to save people the headache and frustration I went through.


Using our team and systems, even my 7-year-old can flip houses! 
I’m positive we can agree that is both awesome and ADORABLE. 

For those who are willing to put in the work, the rewards are amazing!
  • Flexibility
  • Free Time
  • Money
  •  Travel
Learn From The Best, and You Will Achieve the Best!
There are plenty of courses out there that will teach you "everything you need to know." Some of those courses truly have a ton of useful info, and the people who sell them are extremely good at making money. But over the past few years, I have had many conversations with people who have completed those courses... and they always ask me the same question. 

"Where do I start?" 

THE SAME PROBLEM I HAD! I cannot believe that people walk away from courses that can and do cost up to $50,000, and don't know how to BEGIN. Some of them spend their life savings to get in! That seems ridiculous to me; a genuine disservice to the believers, dreamers, and the entrepreneurs in the world! 

After one too many of these conversations, I finally had enough. "That's IT!! I'm done with people not knowing what to do!" And my secret goal blossomed into my newest challenge. I knew it worked. I’d seen it in action. I just needed to mold it into a plan that anyone could follow and then get it in front of them. That was when I began building the 12 Month Step by Step Real Estate Success Guide!  

I haven't seen this on the market anywhere. And I’ve looked. A viable step-by-step ACTION plan to START a real estate investing company, and then grow it from there. That’s what I’m giving you today. FINALLY! From the simplest steps of planning to the complex steps of buying and rehabbing a property. It’s all here. It’ll work in any market. For someone of any background. You won’t need a trust fund or your retirement savings. I’ve captured every single step we took to get where we are. I’ve broken it into easy to handle daily plans. The only thing missing is YOU and YOUR DETERMINATION! 

Are you ready to win? Are you ready to figure this out? Are you ready to make a difference for others? Are you ready for a step-by-step executable plan? Are you ready to alter the course of your existence? YOU SHOULD BE! 

What You Will Learn:
Secret #1: Limit Your Initial Investment
How We Turned $3,800 into $1,500,000 in Just 3 Short Years!
Secret #2: Small Steps Build Empires
How We Made Real Estate as Easy as Working in a Restaurant!
Secret #3: Design Your Software for FREE
How we Replicated our over $300,000 Los Angeles Software FOR FREE - and More Importantly - HOW YOU CAN TO!!
What You Will Receive:
  •  Step-by-Step ACTION Guide for 12 months broken down into 1-2 steps for 20 workdays per month
  •  Month 1: Get your WHY, Create a Plan, Start Building your Team
  •  Month 2: Learn where/how to find buyers, partners, and investors
  •  Month 3: Learn how to fully evaluate a property and your market
  •  Month 4: Learn how to build a materials list and determine rehab costs
  •  Month 5: Learn how to analyze and imitate other investors' successes, and avoid their mistakes
  •  Month 6: Build Systems, Determine your Entity Structure, Print Business Cards, NAME YOUR BUSINESS!
  •  Month 7: Learn about different purchasing models, Where to find legal documents for those that you like
  •  Month 8: Learn how to Market in different cycles, Where to Find Deals, How to get them "Under Contract" 
  •  Month 9: Final prep and Execution
  •  Month 10: Learn how to manage and update your marketing to get more houses for less money!
  •  Month 11: Hiring and Managing Contractors/Subcontractors, and Legal Documents that could save you a fortune! 
  •  Month 12: Review/Adjust plan for real results, Plan Long-term Results, How to Build WEALTH, and Locating Cheaper Money!! 
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ONE TIME OFFER ($47): We have created a Step by Step Checklist for EVERYTHING that we do with a property. From analysis, to sale, and including administration tasks! Want to know EVERYTHING we do in a multi-million dollar company to manage a property through the pipeline? This is a MUST HAVE for anyone who REALLY wants to do this business to make sure you are not missing anything!

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